why parke logging?

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup
This is a truism when it comes to logging your timber.  Fewer people improve the chances for accurate, honest communication. You don’t want anyone between you and the person doing the work; that way, if you have a problem, you know who to talk to and they know how to fix it.

Saw mills tend to prefer certain timber species and sizes.  Whoever logs your timber should understand how saw mills work in order to help you maximize the revenue from your resource.  It's a straight-forward process for an experienced logging crew to sort your timber during loading so it can be sent to the best market for that species of tree or size of log.

We're Professionals That Do Professional Work
Parke Logging is a member of the Montana Logging Association and the Timber Products Manufacturers Association. We have the equipment, qualified personnel and experience to maximize the potential of your timber resource.

Charlie Parke is President and Owner of Parke Logging and Vice President of Pyramid Mountain Lumber. This gives him the advantage of knowing the business from more than one perspective. He knows, understands and follows the lumber market, plus utilizes the best timber management practices available. This is why you should consider Parke Logging when contemplating selling and harvesting your timber.